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Nutrient Deficiency Image Collection - Crozier 12/22/06

F=field photo, G=greenhouse photo

Capital letter indicates final processing ok, small letter indicates in prep

Nutrient problem Corn Cotton Soybean Peanut Rice Tobacco Wheat other
Normal F G F F   G   F  
N F F G F G G   F G G F  
P F F G F F F     F  
K F G G F G G G G F  
S F G G G   G G F  
Mg (see low pH) F G G     G    
Cu F G   G       F F  
Mn (see high pH) F G   G       F  
Zn F F G G G     G      
Zn excess G     F G      
B   G G     G    
B toxicity F              
Low pH F F F F          
High pH   F F F        

All photos by C.R. Crozier unless otherwise indicated.

Laboratory analysis results are courtesy of Dr. David H. Hardy and Brenda Cleveland, Agronomic Services Division, North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.

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